The “Perfect Picture”

Social media is too good to be true. You know it, & I know it. I know too many bloggers who go as far as taking 1000+ shots before they post that 1 shot on Instagram. Knowing that, I sometimes still get so envious of their adventures. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we should disregard their beautiful picture/effort/time/talent. But somehow, the envy created a demon inside me, as I’m sure a lot of you guys can relate: because I started to constantly compare myself to others. Before I started content creating myself and understood what went into a photo, I felt terrible about my own life. It drained me when I saw pictures of bloggers running through the flower fields in Amsterdam. “Why am I not in the financial state to travel there?” “Why can’t I wear this $200 dress & not be broke after purchasing it?” “Why can’t I look like that?”

As a content creator/blogger myself, I love creating the perfect picture. It’s fun to share with the world what products you enjoy, what clothes you’re obsessed with, and it’s fun to get nit-picky with editing to create your ultimate ‘effect’ for your final photo. But I also wanted to remind you that 95% of the time, it’s not as genuine as it seems. Remember that these pictures are meant to show perfection. They’re meant to be desirable. They’re meant to make you want whatever’s in it.

Why I’ve wanted to talk about this for a long time is because of multiple comments made towards me about me. I was going through a really rough time starting from July, but my social media got active again towards September. I was not fine at that point by any means. But if you didn’t know the nuts & bolts of my life, you would have never known I was struggling because my pictures were ‘happy’ on my Instagram. Of course it only showed the good moments: the fancy restaurants, the delicious food, the stunning views, the amazing latte art, me looking put together. It never showed my daily panic attacks, my break-downs, my anxiety attacks, my depression. I received comments like “well, it seems like everything is fine now,” or “I’m glad you’re doing much better,” purely based on assumption by looking at my Instagram. It’s not their fault of course, because I never publicized anything. But this alone can tell you how much weight people put into social media and draw conclusions about another person from a simple picture edited to perfection.

I know this sounds like a very ‘serious’ blog post, but it’s really not. I just wanted to do something a little different from what I would normally do, because this definitely made me giggle and reminded me that social media is not an accurate embodiment of the human experience. Below are some pictures Matthew (my boyfriend) took of me on his day off from school (he’s a grad student at NYU) down in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It was our first time going there & we loved the vibe! I’ll link you guys how to get to this spot at the bottom of the blog post.

So these were my final photos:

Seems cool right? (p.s. in love with that romper, which I’ll also link below). So looking at this picture, you would think I’m basically the only one in this area right? Seems pretty quiet and secluded? Well, that definitely was not the case. You have no idea how many tourists were behind me closer to the bridge taking selfies & group pictures! We managed to get a spot towards the end of the street where the angle we took the pictures at didn’t capture everyone behind me.

Trying to take a solo picture in a Prime tourist location at 4pm? Forget it haha!

Now this is more like it. It captures the reality of the street. There were so many cars passing through, so many bikers biking through, and those 2 girls on the left? They didn’t leave for a while, because they too, were trying to get the perfect picture.

And the 20 seconds we had where no one was walking past me, no cars or bikers were passing, no one could be seen behind me…I looked like this hahaha! ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ So here you have it, a lot goes into getting that “perfect picture” on an Instagram feed.

What I’m Wearing
Romper – MINKPINK New Romantic Light Blue Floral Print Romper (out of stock); Similar Item Here
Coat – A Japanese Brand called Titty & Co. (LoL)! This coat is from a few years back but they have the best items. Check them out if you’re in Japan or Thailand!

To Get To Dumbo, Brooklyn
Take the F train (orange line) to York Street Subway Station or Take the A/C train (blue line) to High Street – Brooklyn Bridge Station. It’s about a 5 minute walk from York Street, and 8 minute walk from High Street to this desirable picture spot. This location is right on Water Street & Washington Street.

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