Exploring San Francisco

San Francisco has been my number 1 place to visit in the United States for a very long time, and now that box has finally been checked off! I spent this week in SF to celebrate my very dear friend’s birthday as well as to visit my childhood friend of 14 years. SF is even more beautiful than I anticipated. I spent the first few days in Outer Richmond and then the rest of my trip in the Mission District. I honestly could see myself moving to SF if an opportunity arose. SF has the perfect city vibe, moving at a brisk pace while not being too overwhelming. Below are some places I highly recommend you put into your SF itinerary, and if you’ve been to this amazing city, please let me know your favourite places to go to that I’ve missed out! I would love to go back.

Golden Gate Bridge

I went to the Golden Gate Bridge just before the sun set at around 6pm. I wanted to capture the bridge at sunset & my god was it stunning. I looked at the bridge from the welcome centre lookout. I went to another lookout (North Vista Point) too, but I enjoyed the welcome centre lookout a little better because I prefer a more distant view of the bridge and the composition of the bridge looked nicer.

Clarion Alley Mural Project

Right in the centre of the Mission District, this alley is a must see! One of the reasons I love SF so much is because there is amazing & diverse art there. This alley features beautifully painted murals by local artists shedding light on issues surrounding social/political/economic justice. Around Clarion Alley on Valencia are also some really cute local shops such as Therapy.


Being in SF’s Chinatown felt like I was actually transported to a village in China. This Chinatown was quaint & colourful, very different from the one in NYC. The pictures below are my favourite from the trip! The architecture is beautiful. Ranging from authentic Chinese restaurants to bakeries, I highly recommend a stroll through.

Fisherman’s Wharf & The Ferry Building Marketplace

If it’s a lovely day out, head to the Fisherman’s Wharf & the Ferry Building Marketplace! I didn’t really do much there except walk around & sit on these benches outside the Marketplace looking out into the sea. But it made a lovely day. There are so many delicious eats inside the Marketplace as well. I will have a separate post recommending my favourite eats while I was in SF, but Humphry Slocomb Ice Cream is the best ice cream I have eaten this entire year.

Lombard Street

The walk up to here was so intense on a sunny afternoon, but it was so worth it. Lombard Street is said to be the most crooked street in the world. While my friend Christy & I walked through it, there were so many people who drove through it (which made me so nervous haha)! We spent a good half hour just sitting there admiring the city scape.

One thing I will tell those who want to visit SF & have never been is to pack a thicker jacket. I wish I brought my wool trench coat (yes it gets that cold because it’s so windy). Once the sun goes down, it’s so cold! I underestimated the weather & was freezing in my wind breaker most of the time. Going to SF was just what I needed to escape the stressful surroundings of NYC. Until next time, SF!

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