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Once you go Bibble, you never go back.

I discovered Bibble & Sip a year and a half ago when I worked on 53rd street & Broadway; it’s conveniently located opposite Wicked in midtown. Ranging from their signature cream puffs to fruit tarts to macarons to specialty lattes, Bibble has got your sweet tooth covered. My favourite items from their menu are: Lavender Latte, Mocha, Earl Grey Cream Puff, Lychee Raspberry Tart, All of their Macarons & Mango Panna Cotta.

I decided to get in contact with Gary Chan, the proprietor of Bibble & Sip to get a glimpse of his genius behind all his brilliant creations.

I’ve been a fan of B&S for so long now. Your bakes are always so innovative. I’ve noticed in particular you’re spectacular with your flavours. What’s your favourite ingredient to work with?
G: My favorite ingredients constantly change. It could be chocolate one season and fruit purées the next. But I do find myself always coming back to black teas.

Did you start baking at a young age? Do you remember the first thing you ever made?
G: Yes! I’ve always had an interest in baking. The earliest I can remember is maybe around 10-11 years old. I believe the first thing I ever baked was a chocolate chip cookie. We are actually using that very same recipe at Bibble & Sip.

Would you mind telling us briefly about the process and what made you decide to open your own bakery?
G: My education background was in the fields of graphic design, film and photography, Those skill sets first led me to start my own clothing company, which unfortunately did not launch as far as I had anticipated. With the mental support of my family and friends, I then took the risk of starting from scratch, this time pursuing my longtime passion of culinary arts. I attended an intensive program at the ICC which provided me a stable foundation. Equipped with passion, drive, and knowledge, came ideas, concepts and designs that quickly led to the opening the Bibble & Sip.

For those who have never been to Bibble & Sip, what should they try first?
G: Definitely try the Black Sesame Hazelnut Cake. It’s a combination of all the things I love.

I can imagine coming up with new menu items must be such an intricate process with a lot of trial & error. How long on average would you say it takes you to perfect a treat before it makes it to the public? And how do you know when it’s ready?
G: It’s very strange. Sometimes I’ll only spend a few days days and be able to create a new item that everyone loves and stays on the menu forever. But there are other times where I’d spend months amending an item over and over, yet it’s never deemed good enough to sell. The process usually starts with produce or ingredients that are in season. Then I would browse Instagram and Pinterest to see what’s trending and I’d try to steer opposite of that. Reason being that I like to create things that are new and fun but aren’t overexploited by social media. Most importantly, my creations must contain something personal such as childhood memories, Sunday dim sum favorites, or an inspiration from my travels.

I’ve noticed that you love making Ghibli macarons. What’s your favourite Ghibli movie and why?
G: They are all so great, but my favorite would be Howls Moving Castle. It’s just full of so much adventure.

If you could have a Bibble & Sip location anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
G: I absolutely love New York. I was born here and believe it to be the greatest city in the world. Even if I had to choose another, I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint at this point. Probably somewhere with unique fresh produce so I can experiment with farm to table style.

What’s your least favourite food and why?
G: I hate okra. The texture just is not appealing to me.

Because Bibble is alpaca themed, could you tell us one fun fact/your favourite thing about Alpacas?
G: Alpacas are gentle animals with no sharp claws or teeth.

Who’s a person you would most like to bake for?
G: My wife! We are foodies and her flavor profiles are very similar to mine. Ironic enough, we don’t have many things in common, but food is the one thing that bundles us together. I tend to have a lot of crazy ideas so her role is to bring me back down to earth. She’s also here to distinguish the flaws and recognize the triumphs. If it wasn’t for her the creampuffs wouldn’t even be on the menu!

Make sure to put Bibble & Sip on your itinerary to NYC next time. You don’t want to miss their delicious treats. It’s something special for sure.

To Get To Bibble & Sip
253 W 51st St
Take the C/E train (blue) to 50th Street or Take the 1 train (red line) to 50th Street.

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