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Good morning friends! I hope everyone is having splendid week and taking time for yourself when you need to. It’s important to be productive, but it’s more important to take care of your health. Breathe, you’ve got this.

For those living in NYC, DC, Boston or LA, would you like a day or two to getaway from the bustling metropolis? Are you getting tired of the smell of the trains? What about the city rats that almost run over  your feet? Perhaps the traffic you might be stuck in for hours? Or just the overall inevitable heavy weight that the city might be imposing on you? Well… I have the perfect solution: Getaway House.

I stumbled upon their page not too long ago and I was excited by the idea of escaping to a place middle-of-nowhere, far away from civilization to rest my brain & heart for a little bit. I’m a city girl through and through & this was a little out of my comfort zone, but NYC (or any city for that matter) can be suffocating at times for me. Getaway offers “simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature.” I’m not allowed to disclose the exact location for the New York outpost, but it is located in Catskill – accessible by car as well as public transportation.

Kaley and I had a lovely time at Getaway. We can’t wait to be back and I’m excited to share with you guys how we made our amazing experience at Getaway work for us! If you are planning to book a trip for yourself, I have a promo code for $25 off if you apply it at checkout: VCHOW25.


As I mentioned earlier, the Getaway outposts are all accessible by car or public transportation. We didn’t have access to a car, so public transit was our best friend. We took a train & then a Lyft on the way there. While this was a great & viable option, I do however, recommend you traveling there in a car if you can. We stayed there for only one night, but we both agreed that if we were there longer, we would have loved to explore the area – which is not convenient without a car. If you use public transportation, make sure you book a car service back to the train station beforehand for when you leave. We made the mistake of not doing that & thought we could just call a Lyft/Uber at the time that we were leaving. NOPE! There are absolutely no Lyfts/Ubers in the area of the outpost and we almost didn’t make our train back because of this! The cost for the car ride from the train station will range from $25-$35 if you go to the NYC Getaway location. Once you book your stay, Getaway will take care of you & let you know where you need to go & how to get there! Our cabin was named “Vera.” Look how cute!


At Getaway, they provided us with very simple cookware & utensils (pots/pans/strainers/cutting board/kettle/plates/cutlery/mugs). You are in the middle of the woods, so there are no grocery stores down the street. Neither Kaley or I are seasoned cooks, so we went to Trader Joe’s & got a bunch of frozen stuff. Unless you want to whip up a spectacular meal & bring fresh produce, my suggestion for you is to get frozen meals that you can heat up on a pan (pasta/rice dishes). There is not a microwave, so avoid getting frozen pizza (which is what we did because I thought a microwave was available), even though we successfully cooked it in a pan (go us!!). A bottle (or two) of wine is nice for the occasion as well. We also brought our own teas & hot chocolate, which added to the overall coziness of our trip. Snacks & coffee are always a good idea. Getaway provides simple condiments such as olive oil, salt/pepper, half & half, and there’s also a snack bin where you can purchase snacks if you don’t have time to go shopping prior to your trip. We didn’t set up a campfire, but know that option is of course available. Firewood & S’mores are available for purchase.

Our way of relaxing

Getaway really encourages you to unplug while you’re there. There is no wifi, but there was cell service at the outpost we were at. There is a cellphone lockbox if you wish to put your phone away until the end of the trip. It’s a lovely ambience for getting work and and some reading done, so if you’re a bookworm, bring a book or two! Kaley & I love watching Asian dramas/movies in our face masks, so before the trip, I downloaded about 5 movies on Netflix to watch on my iPad (that option is amazing for when you have no wifi available). If you want to bring a face mask or two, I suggest TonyMoly sheet masks. They’re great to travel with because they’re so light. You can get them at the TonyMoly in Koreatown (32nd), or I know that they also sell it at ULTA & Urban Outfitters.

Our Stay

Hot showers are available at the cabin, as are towels, shampoo, conditioner & body wash. However, toothpaste is not so make sure to bring your own. I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but their electrical toilets are the coolest futuristic thing I’ve ever seen!

The Woods At Night

I bet that a few of you are wondering whether the woods were scary at night. Not going to lie, it was definitely a little creepy simply because it was so dark. We had a very safe experience, but it’s pitch black when you look outside the window during the evening. But during the day… we found ourselves in a magical world!

Promo Code: VCHOW25

I hope you guys consider tree-ting yourself to Getaway! It was just the trip we needed to relax & unwind. The staff at Getaway was kind enough to let me have a promo code to share with my followers so you guys can get $25 off your stay. Feel free to let me know what your experience was like & if you have any questions about your upcoming trip!

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