Monthly Food Guide III

Happy Holidays everyone! 2018 is coming to an end *sigh of relief.* The second half of the year has been my worst year yet, & I’m really looking forward to 2019. During this time of distress & frustration, food has been one of my constants. It sounds silly, but when I go on a food adventure & eat deliciousness, it puts a smile on my face & makes my heart warm.

So here it is, the last food guide of 2018 – all located in NYC’s Koreatown: my happy place.


17 E 31st St
They do the most delicious brunch sets ever. These sets comes with delicious side-dishes including cauliflower, lotus root, a yuzu-dressing mixed green salad, mashed beet potatoes, soup, kimchi & crispy egg in lime sauce.
♡: Baby Octopus Pasta Set, Hamburger Steak with Quail Egg Set, Beef Bulgogi Set, Korean Fried Chicken.


17 W 32nd St
Delicious sweet treats to satisfy those dessert cravings!
♡: Rose Petal Milk Tea, Ho-Dduk.


22 W 32nd St Fl 2
The most affordable Korean BBQ place in Manhattan. You get the most bang for your buck here!
♡: Marinated Prime Kalbi, Marinated Pork Belly, Lunch Box, Cold Green Tea Noodles, Sausage Stew.

I’ve always admired Korean culture (& especially their food) so much! Everything is marinated so perfectly. Let me know if you have any recommendations for Korean restaurants in NYC because I most definitely would love to check it out! Happy holidays, everyone!

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