The answer is always yes! Island Spa & Sauna is a new Korean Spa spot that just recently opened up in Edison, NJ. I had the pleasure of going there & relaxing with Matthew. After being in NYC for too long, you start to feel stressed for no reason because everyone around you is on edge. Island Spa & Sauna was the perfect solution for optimum relaxation.

To get to Island Spa & Sauna, all we had to do was take the NJ transit from Penn Station. You can download the app & purchase a round-trip ticket to Edison, NJ ahead of time. They’ll check once you’re on the train. Super easy & convenient. It’s around an hour & a half trip on the train, so bring a book or download some Netflix shows on your iPad/mobile device to kill time.

Island Spa & Sauna charges an admission fee of $35 for weekdays & $40 for weekends. This admission does not include any spa services or purchases inside (such as food). But you are free to use any & all of the amenities. They’re also constantly doing promotions, so follow them on Instagram to keep up with their sweet deals. I also did some digging & they’re on Groupon as well for a slightly cheaper price!

Once we got there, the first thing we had to do following our check-in was take off our shoes & put it away in a locker. You know how that thrills me. I’m so OCD about dirty floors. & we were led to the changing rooms to put on the designated outfit which they provide! Everyone roams around in the crimson shirt & black shorts. They feel just like pajamas so it’s great for laying around in. Their signature is the “sheep towel head,” which you can see in the picture above. I just thought it was adorable, & if you go into the sauna rooms, it’s convenient for you to wipe off the sweat on your head.

There is plenty of space for you to lounge around to rest, eat or work. Wifi is provided for those who want a relaxing environment to focus.

Open 7 days a week, including overnight options if you want to spend your night there, Island Spa & Sauna have a total of 5 dry saunas: Charcoal Island, Clay Island, Salt Island, Treasure Island & Forest Island. Each sauna room is at a different temperature & made of different Earth elements, promoting different health benefits that will help revitalise your body. I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to experience it for yourself, but my favourite sauna was the Treasure Island.

My happy place of the day was the Ice Room. To go from hot > cold is extremely beneficial for your pores.

I also received a 30 minute Aroma (Oil) Massage, which I thoroughly enjoyed & wanted more! 30 minutes is such a tease, so I recommend getting a 60 minute massage! Their massages are in 30, 60 & 90 minute intervals, ranging from $55-$135. They also have Bath & Body Scrub services, Facials, Skincare/VIP Treatments.

Food is available at the Juice Bar & Cafe Island. At the Cafe Island, there is an array of Korean & Japanese options. I had the spicy pork bulgogi, whereas Matthew had the bulgogi set. The also offer healthier options at the juice bar, such as juices, smoothies & other Korean snacks/desserts such as baked eggs & patbingsoo.

Treat yourself. Take yourself on a spa date. Take a friend. Take your partner. Bring your laptop there to work. Island Spa & Sauna knows how to take care of their customers very well. I guarantee you will have a wonderful time! Share your experience with me, & hey, maybe I’ll see you there!

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