NYC’s Most Instagrammable Cafe

Do you like to go to cute cafés? Do you like innovative twists on desserts? Do you like to take pictures of your food? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, this post is definitely for you.

I have officially found the most instagrammable cafe in NYC: LRoom Cafe. I had the opportunity to re-visit this relatively new spot in the city with one of my best friends Emily to try out some of their most famous menu items. If you’re more of a visual person, I have made a vlog about this experience – feel free to watch below!

This was our brunch spread! Photographed above is the Smoked Salmon Croissant, Okonomiyaki Croissant paired with a Lychee Pomme Ade & Lavender Peach Drink. I loved the Lychee Pomme Ade because it was sweeter & I’m a huge fan of Lychee. The Lavender Peach is for those who don’t exactly have a sweet tooth but like refreshing/light drinks. For dessert, we had a bunch of things – Rose Garden Egg Waffle, Sweet Fancy Honey Toast & LRoom’s signature fruits “The Apple,” “The Bun” & “The Mandarine.” The Rose Garden Egg Waffle was by far our favourite; the rose infused egg waffle & ice cream were divine. I’m literally salivating just thinking about it. For a more detailed account of the desserts, watch my vlogs so you can see what they look like!

I had a chance to talk to Xue Ling, the owner of LRoom Cafe. She told us that the food items on her menus are mainly inspired by the culmination of her upbringing & traveling around the world. She is greatly appreciative of her team who constantly makes her ideas into a reality.

Hi Xue, thank you for doing this interview! Could you tell us a little bit about why you decided to start LRoom Cafe?
X: After I graduated from Parsons I worked in the fashion industry for a short time. With doing fashion design I found my passion and my talent in floral design, and then I got the idea of opening a flower and coffee shop with a combination of designer gift shop (like a one stop shop where you can do all the enjoyable things together). It felt like a dream project. But before opening a location I decided to start a online shop first to get more retail experience. In 2015 I decided to launch my floral brand, LROOM BOUTIQUE, which is an online boutique flower shop, and in 3 years I expanded the flower boutique to LROOM CAFE which is a floral-themed dessert and coffee shop, where all guests can see, touch, smell and even taste the flowers. Along with floral and gifting services, high-end pastries and beverages. The goal for LROOM CAFE is to create an exquisite life aesthetic experience to everyone.

Was there a specific reason you chose New York City out of anywhere in the world?
X: New York is always my #1 city. It’s a city that has different people and interesting stories. People are more open to creativity here and I believe that the city and the people here will help my business grow fast.

What is your favourite item on the menu that you highly recommend first timers to try?
X: For a first time visit, I would recommend them to try our fruit shape desserts such as the Lemon and the Apple, our signature Rose Garden Egg Waffle, as well as the Lavender Peach Ade drink. Also for brunch, I would recommend them the Okonomiyaki Croissant and also the Truffle Egg.

What inspires your aesthetically pleasing menu?
X: Fashion is always my inspiration for everything. The menu is built like a backstage line up board, and the items also change depending on the season.

What are your future goals for LRoom Cafe & what do you hope for LRoom to bring to the New York City scene?
X: Moving forward I would like to bring aesthetic experiences to more cities and people.

To Get to LRoom Cafe
41 W 14th St
Closest train station is 1/2/3 on 14th Street.

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