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This week’s guest is none other than my dear friend Dorcas Leung. Her kindness, strength, humour, talent truly inspires me & I’m really lucky to have her in my life. I also got to witness her tying the knot with Oliver (her husband)! I met her during Miss Saigon & as our run ended, she booked the first National tour of Hamilton. Oh yes, that very obscure musical. Y’know? So without further ado, let’s get started –

Hi Dorcas! Congratulations on a lot of things, the most recent things being your wedding & concluding your amazing run in Hamilton. How does it feel being MARRIED?!
D: HI! Well, thank you! It feels…just the same. Hahaha, I feel like Oliver and I have made those promises to each other for a while now but it was really amazing to make that commitment in front of all our closest friends and family. But for now, it’s the same old hanging out with each other but now we have fancy rings on.

Describe your wedding in 3 words.
D: Magical, Surprising, Joyful.

I feel so honoured to have been there. It was such a beautiful night. I’m so happy you’re back in NYC now, I’ve missed you when you were out there conquering the U.S. with Hamilton! Would you mind telling me a little a bit about your role in the show?
D: Sure! I was the Female Standby on the 1st National Tour of Hamilton, fondly referred to as the Angelica Tour. My job was to cover all 3 of the principal women – so that includes, Eliza, Angelica, and Peggy/Maria. Being a Standby was such a great experience in a lot of ways. It taught me flexibility and to be ready for whatever, whenever. It’s not always the most glamorous but it was intensely rewarding to be an off-stage cover.

Who was your favourite sister to play and why?
D: This question is always so tough! I think it depends on where I was in my tour life. Some days, I was so HYPED to play Eliza and then some days it seemed like a challenge that I did not want to face. I always loved doing Peggy/Maria because you get to flirt with everyone on stage. I ended tour with Angelica, which was also the first track I learned – so that felt very full circle.

I loved Angelica when I saw the show, her character truly broke my heart. It must be so exciting playing three very strong women. Being a stand-by isn’t for the faint of heart. How did you spend your time backstage when you weren’t on?
D: I planned our wedding! If I wasn’t going through the show, I was driving myself crazy with Etsy and Amazon purchases of the plethora of bizarre things we needed for our wedding. Oh, and skin care. I loved a good face mask backstage.

You and me both. My favourite masks are from Tony Moly! I have to ask… since the theatre lovers love to hear mishap stories. Do you have one for Hamilton?
D: When we were touring in Connecticut, our soundboard was having technical difficulties in syncing up with the theater’s boards. But hey, that’s tour. You never know what’s going to happen as you move city to city. Anyways, the sound cut out for whole CHUNKS of songs – so all you could hear is the cast onstage singing A CAPELLA! The mics had cut out, the orchestra was out, and you could see the panic on everyones face. So anyways, we are getting through the show and I was Eliza this specific performance. The sound was still iffy during “Helpless” with our mics coming in and out, I am just TRYING to act my way out of this while people are stomping the beat in the wings so I don’t get off. I finally get through the song and end the song in a kiss with Hamilton, but as I pull away I hear, “Ladies and Gentleman…we are having technical difficulties…” and the cast gets ushered off stage. It was so hilarious and the perfect example of LIVE THEATER! We got to come back in about 5 minutes and picked right back up at the kiss, which got the most applause I had ever heard hahaha.

Man, that sounds terrifying but I know you for sure nailed it. My last question for you is – I can imagine being away on tour can be so hard. What did you miss most about NYC & what are you most looking forward to now that you’re back in NYC?
D: I missed the diversity of food. Every time we would get to a new city, my roommate/best friend on tour (who is also Chinese!), would immediately look up where we could get Asian food close to us. I missed the accessibility of this city. You can do and eat ANYTHING here. But…the MTA. Yeah, y’all can keep that.

Well now that you’re back… see you for Dimsum dates! Thank you again for being a part of this interview!

For those who are interested in keeping up with Dorcas, you can find her Instagram below.


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