A Little Magic Trick

Wow, hello! I apologise that I’ve been absent on this blog. I’ve been ill with some stomach virus. The only thing I could eat was saltine crackers & soup. I cried about the fact that I missed rice because I was starving. True story. The stomach virus went away on its own, but I had no idea what it actually was… Gosh, our bodies are so strange.

This is probably going to be the shortest blog post up to date. I wanted to share a little magic trick that I use.

Use coconut oil. 

I use organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil to grow my eyelashes. The brand I have is 365 Everyday Value from Whole Foods.

Use a cotton bud/q-tip to apply it onto your lash line every night before you go to sleep. You’ll notice a difference a week later. They’ll become thicker, longer & more voluminous. You’ll see this when you apply your mascara!

Alright, that’s all. Goodbye, have a lovely day (´・ω・`)



  I Love This! ♡

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