They Are Growing Old

In all honesty, I’ve been a little homesick lately. Although I told my parents they didn’t need to come to my show I’m in (it’s a little inconvenient to get to), it’s always really tough to open a show & see everyone else’s parents there but not yours.

The truth of the matter is, as much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes take my parents for granted… & I know I’m not the only one. We’re often so caught up in our own lives or even simply the TV show we’re watching, we put off texting or calling them back. I’m trying really hard to change that. I occasionally have very deep conversations inside my head about what I would do without my parents, how thankful I truly am for them, how I don’t talk to them enough and how much I love them. Plus, I just lost someone very close to me. Hold onto the ones you love…tight.

I asked my parents one day out of the blue what their dreams were when they were little. My dad joked that he wanted to work at a movie theatre so he could watch free movies. If you didn’t know, my dad is a huge goofball, so I knew that couldn’t have been it; I asked again. He told me he wanted to be a painter in France. My breath was taken away. That wasn’t the first thing I would have guessed, but thinking about it for a little longer, my dad has always been artistic. He used to draw with me all the time & I remember admiring the things he drew. I then asked my dad why he didn’t pursue his dream. He simply said, because his family was too poor & they had no money.

I then asked my mum the very same question. She said she wanted to manage a hotel in Europe. A small bed and breakfast. I can totally imagine my mum doing that. She would be exceptional. I also asked her why she didn’t pursue her dream. She told me that after the sudden passing of her dad when she was 16, she didn’t want to leave her mum alone.

I teared up after they told me their dreams. I teared up because their dreams were so beautiful. I teared up because I felt so selfish. I teared up because I felt so lucky. I teared up because I found it so unfair neither of my parents are living the life they wanted for themselves. I teared up because they gave me everything so I can currently live the life I’ve always wanted. Most importantly, I teared up because I know that they are not always going to be around. This very simple conversation changed my entire perspective.

I encourage you to ask your parents the same question. What was their dream growing up? We are so busy growing up that we often forget that they are also growing old.

My heart also goes out to everyone who have lost a parent, or have strained relationships with theirs. I hope you are able to find strength in healing.

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