junzi /jun-zee/:君子

In Chinese philosophy, junzi is a person with integrity. It stands for a life-time pursuit for honesty, kindness and simply, the best versions of ourselves.

I am always in search for new Asian restaurants in the city, and this week’s pick is hands down Junzi Kitchen. I have found my new favourite noodle dish (their Furu Tofu Noodles) in the entirety of Manhattan! Take a look at the vlog at what we ate.

When I chatted with their PR manager, Yi, she told me that it was their goal to introduce Authentic Chinese food to the Western population while steering away from stereotypes. At Junzi, the food is served ‘Chipotle’ style and the decor is minimalistic – a combination of whites and greens. Even with an unconventional twist, the food recipes are still very much the core of Authentic Chinese cuisine.

To Get to Junzi  (Greenwich Village)
170 Bleecker Street
Closest train station is A/B/C/D on West 4th Street.

  I Love This! ♡

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  1. December 17, 2019 / 4:02 am

    I can confidently say that visiting this place can be really exciting and the food they offer is diverse. You can choose whatever you wish!

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