Winter Is Here

Winter is here. Again.

During the colder months, I am susceptible to getting sick. With that being said, what simple things can you do to boost your immune system other than ingesting Vitamin C/Apple Cider Vinegar? Or what can you do to recover faster? Let’s find out!

Oil of Oregano

If you are too baby (like me) & hate vile tasting things, the Oil of Oregano is a good substitute for taking straight up oregano essential oil. Take 1 gel a day to boost your immune system. I prefer this to the Wellness Formula, where you have to take 6 tablets & it tastes like straight up garlic/oregano mixed together (bleugh).

Sambucol Elderberry Syrup

Another supplement from the heavens, take 2 teaspoons of this everyday. Not to mention it tastes amazing if you’re a sweet tooth like me.

Tongue Scrape

When you do feel a cold coming, you should do what I call the ‘tongue scrape.’ Run a metal teaspoon under hot water for 30 seconds, and use it to scrape all the gunk on your tongue from back to front. It manually helps you get rid of all the bacteria trapped on your tongue. Repeat this 5-6 times.

Gargle Sea Salt Water

Dissolve sea salt in very warm water (NOT temperature or luke warm). Take sips of it to gargle 10 seconds at a time. You must use sea salt. Table salt does not work. Gargle 3-4 times a day.

Steam Your Voice

The quickest way to hydrate/sooth your vocal cords and give you back all the moisture when you are sick is to steam your voice. You can never steam your voice too much. I love using the MABIS steamer.

Cough Drops

Manuka Honey is so good for coating your throat when you are sick. It’s also great for those with acid reflux. Try to avoid any cough drops with menthol (especially if you are a performer & you have to take a cough drop right before a show because it’ll dry you right out).

Massage Yourself

This is more for my singers out there. I purchased an amazing online course on how to De-Swell Your Cords from Andrew Byrne. It takes you through how you can relieve some pressure on your cords & get your lymphatic drainage system moving, increasing blood circulation in the areas & taking the gunk out of your throat. It’s only $40 & you get it for life!

Diffuse Immunity Oils

Diffuse any sort of immunity oils in your room or rub it at the bottom of your feet. Thieves and Oregano are the best ones in my opinion.

Lots of Water

Hydrate. A LOT! Try and drink hot liquids. Drinking warm or hot liquids promotes blood circulation and toxin release. When our bodies’ temperature is raised, it allows your body to get rid of toxins.



Stay healthy, everyone!

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