Affordable Layering

The key to staying warm this season is layering. Here are some affordable layering techniques.

The Foundation Layer

I swear by HEATTECH by Uniqlo. HEATTECH is made from bio-warming material, providing warmth without bulk. It uses technology to convert body moisture into heat, keeping you comfortable all winter long. You can read more about the HEATTECH process here.

These items below are extremely light weight so you can fit it under any sweater or pants you want to wear. They’re meant to be worn like undergarments.


Once I have my foundation layers on, I like to wear a thicker turtleneck sweater on top.  The secret to staying warm is insulation for your neck & feet. Here is a variety of turtleneck sweaters I love.

The HEATTECH sweaters are tightly fitted, so you can wear it under another oversized knit sweater, or as your final layer before you put your coat on.

Don’t Forget Your Legs!

After wearing tights or the HEATTECH leggings, I usually wear jeans. However, I know jeans can be really uncomfortable during the winter season, so here are my favourite warm/knit (aka fleece lined) sweatpants for more casual days (but still look super cute)!

Fluffy Means Warm

On really cold days, I love wearing fluffy coats for layering purposes, before my heavy jacket. I also wear it under my wool trench coat sometimes to just squeeze an extra layer in there.

Bundle Up

Bundle up even more with an oversized scarf. Keep that neck warm! Below you will find both men & women’s scarves. ASOS scarves are so wonderful because they feel like a literal blanket wrapped around you.

To finish off the look, pair it with a plush beanie, gloves & warm pair of fuzzy socks!


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