Microbladed by @browsbyscarlett

Over the years, the brow obsession in the beauty industry has sky rocketed. I heard about microblading around a year ago when one of my friends mentioned it briefly because she recommended it.

At first, I thought it was an interesting concept, but never really looked into it until I stumbled upon Scarlett’s instagram @browsbyscarlett. Her work was phenomenal. I was like, “woah, this girl knows what she’s doing because these brows look natural & perfect!” So then of course, I reached out, and here we are… I am officially a part of the microbladed community!

I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous before my initial appointment. Tattoo-ing anything is nerve-wracking, but especially on your face?! I was nervous because what if it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to? Granted…it’s semi-permanent, but it still means you’re stuck with whatever you get for the next few years. I also know you can remove it, but that’s such a hassle & that’s the last thing I wanted to do…

Scarlett had her own studio space Ombre Brow Studio in Flushing, Queens (right off the 7 train @ Main St. station). Scarlett was so welcoming the minute I stepped in & took the edge off. She was friendly, approachable & professional. I could immediately tell that she was the type of person who is very detail oriented & puts her whole heart into her clients, and I was completely right! Since our session, I believe Scarlett has moved to Florida.

The entire process is a lengthy one, so be prepared to wait around a lot! The shaping usually takes the longest. We spent around 2 hours shaping my brows. I showed her pictures of what I wanted and what I liked. I went into the studio with makeup on & eyebrows filled in so she could see how I usually draw my brows & she could take into account the shape I wanted. From then on, she gave me a 2 options to choose from. I wanted to extend my brows (because they were really short!) and make them slightly fuller. After I chose the shape of my brows, she did her magic & put numbing cream for around 15 minutes to numb the area before the actual microblading process.

The microblading itself hurt a little bit. It started out fine, but once the numbing cream wore off, I felt it more. I mean, it’s bound to hurt because you’re inking your skin with a blade. I would compare the sensation to getting a really sharp toothpick and scratching your skin. It wasn’t intolerable, but definitely uncomfortable & a little painful at times; I had to squeeze my arms to distract myself! If you’ve had a facial done before & they squeezed your blackheads out from your nose with a tool, microblading definitely hurts less than that.

We did around 3 passes on both brows. Scarlett was very considerate & checked in on me if I was doing okay. She’s also very good at making conversation throughout the entire process so I wasn’t focused on the pain. After she was done, she talked me through the aftercare process, reminded me that it’s way darker than it will be & not to pick at my scabs.


The aftercare instructions are very simple. Wash your brows with a gentle cleanser & apply A&D ointment 3 times a day. Scarlett said it was okay to shower normally & it’ll still heal perfectly even if I wet my eyebrows. She told me to avoid saunas/hot yoga/anything that’ll make me sweat a lot to prevent the pigment from fading away. It’s also recommended that you avoid exfoliation & putting makeup on your brows.

Day 1-3

The entire day after I got my brows microbladed, I felt a sense of regret. They looked so dark and so thick. I was told that this would be normal, because they usually lighten up 50% in 2 weeks, but it looked terrible. I thought I looked like a troll.  I was really nervous it was going to stay this way. So if you just got your brows microbladed & you’re reading this, trust me – this freaking out is normal but don’t worry because it will fade & it’ll look amazing, even if you’re skeptical now!

Day 4-15

I started to notice some change in the colour of my brows. They definitely lightened up, but I still looked like a crazy person. It started itching a lot. Scabbing is normal in the healing process, but I didn’t scab. I peeled instead – just like what happens if you’re sunburned. This lasted around close to 2 weeks. I had to resist the urge to scratch them because you’ll scratch the strokes right off! However, some strokes will still fall off by itself (this is normal); I had a small area where it was just an empty patch & I freaked out all over again.

Day 16

2 weeks after is when things start to look like what they’re supposed to. The itching was all gone; the colour faded immensely. The strokes that faded creating the empty patch (which I freaked out about) started appearing again. I stopped applying ointment by this time but I still avoided using foundation. From here on out, I tried my best to avoid clogging the pores in my brows & kept it really clean.

Day 30

My brows completely healed on the 30th day.

Post Touch Up

I went to Scarlett for a touch up session 2 months after my initial appointment. She was really impressed with how most of my strokes managed to stay on!  Again, it was darker than I would have liked it to be but from previous experience, I knew it would become several shades lighter after a month so I wasn’t worried anymore. The aftercare process was the same as before.

A Year and a Half Later…

In the picture below, I have no product in my brows! It’s been a year and a half now. The strokes are starting to get a little blurry, but in general, it’s still holding up really well.


I created a vlog for a glimpse of what happened during my microblading session. If you have any more questions you would like to ask about the procedure itself, healing process, feel free to leave a comment below.

I cannot stress how important it is to find a brow artist who is good at what they do. Not only do they need certified training/the credentials to actually perform the procedure, they need to be meticulous & strive for perfection. On average, ranges from $750-$1200 to get your brows microbladed in NYC.

  I Love This! ♡

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