Viveca (pronounced vih/vih/ka) is a Broadway actress living in New York City. She most recently performed in the Tony nominated Broadway revival of Miss Saigon (where she got to perform on the 71st Annual Tony Awards as well)! Surrounded by constant rejection from auditioning, it was important for Viveca to find an artistic outlet to try maintain a healthy mindset outside of theatre. This was discovered when she started creating content for her own Instagram, and after much deliberation, she has decided to take it one step further in creating Vivaaace. Navigating through depression & anxiety, it’s been really helpful for her throughout the ongoing healing process to try new things, & along the way, seeing the lovely reminders that the walls are not always closing in on her.

Viveca is Vivace in Scandinavian form, with Vivace being Italian. Both words mean lively. Viveca strives to share with her followers things that spark joy in her everyday life. She has created a community where they share & draw inspiration from each other’s lifestyles, focusing on self-love, empowerment, creativity & positivity.