Viveca (pronounced vih/vih/ka) is a Broadway actress living in New York City. Surrounded by constant rejection from auditioning, it was important for Viveca to find an artistic outlet to try maintain a healthy mindset outside of theatre. This was discovered when she started creating content for her own Instagram, and after much deliberation, she has decided to take it one step further in creating Vivaaace. Navigating through depression & anxiety, it’s been really helpful for her throughout the ongoing healing process to try new things, & along the way, seeing the lovely reminders that the walls are not always closing in on her.

Viveca is Vivace in Scandinavian form, with Vivace being Italian. Both words mean lively. Viveca strives to share with her followers things that spark joy in her everyday life. She has created a community where they share & draw inspiration from each other’s lifestyles, focusing on self-love, empowerment, creativity & positivity.


Do you want to uplevel your social media? You’ve come to the right place. I offer blogger photoshoot sessions in half hour and full hour increments. I want this to be sustainable for all involved (which means my rates are inexpensive), so you can always afford nice content whenever you want. Fill out the form below, & I look forward to hearing from you!

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How do I know if this is for me?
Blogger photoshoots are catered towards social media/Instagram purposes. It’s a completely different style. It reflects who you are in the city you’re living in. I’m all about capturing moments. Good or bad, I think everything should be acknowledged to the greatest degree for optimum growth. The locations for the shoot that I pick are also what makes the shoot special. In these pictures, you’ll really get an essence of who you are along with what NYC has to offer.

Can you give me an idea what ‘moments’ you capture?
Have a new outfit you love and feel amazing in? Have a cute anniversary coming up? A special occasion perhaps? Feeling discouraged? Feeling empowered? Do you need branded content for your business/blog? Love photoshoots? Want fun/beautiful pictures in general? The list could go on…

I’m not a blogger, can I still shoot with you?
Duh, of course! I only name it Blogger Photoshoots because they’re a very specific style. If you’re looking to document a moment in time, I’m the girl you should go to.

How do you work?
I have one of the best aesthetic eyes out of everyone I know. This is not to brag, but it’s to give you an idea of why I was cut out for this kind of work. As a blogger myself, I know what looks good. I don’t waste your time. I work at the speed of lightning. In a half hour session, you’ll get over 200 unedited shots.

What are your rates?
Depending on what you want, I offer half hour or full hour sessions. I sometimes do 2 hour sessions as well. The longer we shoot, the more locations we hit and the more outfit changes you get. Please use the form below to inquire about/schedule a shoot.

If we keep coming back to you for regular shoots, do I get a discount?
My rate is already extremely affordable. The only special offers I have are that I sometimes arrange free giveaways on Instagram. After  your session with me, every time you refer 5 friends, you get a free half hour photoshoot.



What they’re saying about their shoot


“Wow it was a blast and she’s SO GOOD. I was so worried I was gonna look dumb and when she showed me one photo, I almost cried cause it was stunning.”

“Her eye for colour & design is impeccable. She is wonderful to work with.”

“She’s your dream hype girl…she was so patient with me”